Welcome to East Thuringia's regional Internet platform

Jena, Gera, Altenburg and the Altenburger Land district have set out in a new direction with their joint Internet platform.

An impressive entrance

The neighbouring towns have decided to use the complicated field of e-government solutions together for their municipal authorities. Services have been developed for local residents and other users of the Internet portal which extend beyond the limits of each municipality.

This e-government work has improved many internal administrative procedures and is a model of municipal co-operation at work. The focus of the joint platform is the regional events calendar and the residents' service, and forms can also be downloaded from the Internet on a special server. In future, electronic authentication and payment processes should make it possible to do business online.

Together into the future

This shared e-government solution offers several advantages for the municipalities involved. It is more cost-effective than individual solutions and makes technological systems compatible, clearing the way for other joint projects between the municipalities taking part. Users will also be able to find brief information about the region and will be directed to a local contact person depending on their concern. In this manner, local residents can deal with administrative affairs quickly and easily on the Internet.
Come along and join in on the Internet platform www.kommunenonline.de and make use of its advantages and strengths.

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