Political divisions of East Thuringia

District Office of Altenburger Land

Two cities and five districts

East Thuringia is one of the most interesting areas in Central Germany. Thanks to its convenient location, there are a great deal of perspectives open to the city. The city of Gera is bordered in the northeast by the Altenburger Land district, with its district town of Altenburg, and in the south by the Greiz and Saale-Orla districts. The second largest town in East Thuringia is Jena, bordered by the Saalfeld-Rudolstadt district in the south and also encircled by the Saale-Holzland district. Around 750,000 inhabitants live in East Thuringia, which is bordered in the south by the state of Bavaria and in the east by Saxony, in the north by the Leipzig-Halle boom region and in the west by Weimar and the state capital, Erfurt.

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