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Friedrich- Schiller- University Jena Friedrich- Schiller- University Jena

A wide variety of education in East Thuringia

The region of East Thuringia is the site of the largest university in the state of Thuringia: the Friedrich Schiller University, a scientific institution with an international reputation and which works in very close co-operation with trade and industry. This option is rounded off by Jena University of Applied Sciences, Gera Vocational Academy and a wide network of institutes of vocational training in Gera, Jena and Altenburg, including vocational training for the disabled. The "soft" location factors of the region include the well-developed network of primary, secondary and grammar schools and educational support centres, as well as various school courses following alternative teaching theories, two specialised secondary schools in Jena and adult education institutes, scientific libraries and schools of music and art. A private University of Applied Sciences is planned in Gera.

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