Health and Social Affairs

laboratory in Jena (ART-KON-TOR)

In East Thuringia, your health is in good hands

The region has highly-specialised hospitals which provide interregional care: Jena university hospital and that in Gera. There is also a hospital in Altenburg which cares for people all over the region, and a psychiatric clinic. Local people in the region receive high-standard outpatient medical treatment thanks to Thuringia's particularly wide network of specialised doctors, dentists, ergotherapists, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, speech therapists, nonmedical practitioners, vets and pharmacists. The region also has a wide range of "Wellness" (spa therapy) and preventive medicine providers: the Bad Klosterlausnitz spa town with its three preventive medicine/rehabilitation clinics, Kristall swimming pool and Thuringia's largest sauna complex, several medicinal sport centres, a well-developed cycling network and areas for walking and recreation set in lovely countryside between the Saale valley and the Altenburg forest and lake district.
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A professional network of social services

People with special needs can find a comprehensive range of services and assistance in East Thuringia. For children and young people, there is a well-developed network of childcare centres, after-school centres, child and youth welfare institutions, recreational centres and places for young people to meet up, even with overnight accommodation, in Gera, Jena and Altenburg.
Because of demographic development, today there are twice as many pensioners as children living in East Thuringia. For this reason, the varied choice of old people's clubs and meeting-places, nursing homes with day care and short-term places and homes suitable for the elderly is being extended. At the same time, there is an increasing number of services for the over-50s, such as schools for the elderly, singles clubs and knowledge pools, and a series of lectures at Jena University.
In the last few years in east Thuringia, a fully-developed network has emerged for disabled people, to promote, support and care for the disabled, stretching from early years support, day-care, assisted living and homes for the disabled, all the way to workshops. In Seelingstadt there is an interregional rehabilitation centre where people can retrain for work. The region also has a well-developed network of advice centres, social/psychiatric services and home care services.

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